Saturday, October 24, 2009

Third Schinias Beach Clean-up

On Sunday, November 15th, a group of volunteers is organising our Third Clean‐up of Schinias Beach and Forest. Our objective is to collect and bag as much garbage as possible, between the beach and the asphalt road. We will place the collected garbage in the recycling bins placed near the beach.

This last summer, record numbers of people visited Schinias. The forest and beach are littered with garbage, mostly plastic, metal and glass packaging. We will focus on cleaning as much of the forest region as possible.

The amount of ground we will cover will depend on the number of volunteers to turn out on November 15th. Please register by emailing Philip Ammerman at pga@navigator‐, so we can plan the work teams and meeting points.

Meeting Place
Meet near the ʺGlarosʺ Taverna on the beach. Take Leoforos Schinias past the Olympic Rowing Centre. After you pass a small group of houses and tavernas, take the first right‐hand turn (dirt road). This leads you to the Glaros Taverna on the beach: once you arrive at the taverna, turn right and continue for about 100 m parallel to the beach, where you will see our registration desk. Please arrive at 10:00 so we can divide into groups and clean the area.

What to Bring
• Drinking water or other beverages for your personal consumption
• Comfortable work clothes, including work gloves

Everyone is invited to a group picnic lunch at 13:00: please join us and bring a salad, sandwiches, tiropitakia, keftedakia, dolmathes, drinks/ beverages or other food to contribute to the common lunch.

Start at the Stavros intersection, on Leoforos Marathonas (Marathon Avenue). You reach this by:

• Driving up Messogheion from Ambelokipous;
• Taking the Hymettos Ring or the Attiki Odos and exiting at Exit 15: Leoforos Marathonas, or Exit 16/Y7: Leontario, direction Rafina;
• If coming from Kifissia, driving through Meli-ssia, taking Anapafseos and Kleisthenous, which intersect Messogheion at Stavros.

Follow Marathon Avenue, driving past Pallini, Rafina, Nea Makri, and Marathon. About 30 km after Stavros, exit at the blue exit sign “Schinias” and “Olympic Rowing and Canoeing Centre.”

About 3 km later, turn right at the turn marked: “Schinias-Olympic Rowing Centre”, which is next to a bakery and real estate agency.

Drive by the Olympic Rowing Centre on your left. The asphalt road veers left: this is Leoforos Schinias. Drive about 2 km, passing a small hamlet of houses and tavernas. About 250 m after the last taverna, turn right after the “Glaros” taverna sign. This dirt road leads you to the beach, and 2-3 tavernas. Turn right, following the dirt road parallel to the beach about 100 m, where you will find our meeting spot.


Kim Angelidis said...

This is FANTASTIC!!!
Will you get press on this as to encourage other areas to get involved and start organizing in there areas?

Philip said...

Hi Kim,

We are trying for press coverage, but need help. Do you have any contacts in this area? Could you help?